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3 Unique Ideas to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day is quickly approaching, which means it is time to celebrate the end of summer with a bang! Most of us don’t want to say goodbye to summer because we enjoy those hot days spent by the pool or vacationing with family. Instead of being sad about summer leaving, why not celebrate it. While a good backyard barbecue or an adventurous camping trip is a great way to celebrate, we have 3 unique ways to say goodbye to summer.

Last Minute Trip

Going on a last-minute trip is the perfect idea when you have a three day weekend. Instead of flocking to campgrounds and lakes like everyone else, book a hotel room in the city. You could make it a girls/guys weekend or a family weekend. No matter what you decide, be sure to be a tourist (even if you are familiar with the area), it makes things more fun!

Relaxation Weekend

From work to family, you work hard all year long. You deserve to have a little relaxation time. Not many people think about going to the spa or just taking time for yourself for a long weekend. So, send out invites to all of your girlfriends and feel ready to take on the new season that is upon you!

Spend Time on The Water

There is nothing quite like spending time out on the wide-open sea during a three day weekend. Whether jet skiing, sailing or floating, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable Labor Day weekend when you go out on the ocean. So, grab your friends and make the most of your weekend on the ocean.

Get All Three at Once

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do all three of these things? You can! When you book a yacht with us! You get to go on a spontaneous trip, relax, and spend the weekend on the ocean. Celebrate this labor day like nobody else! Book this week any yacht above 44′ and get 1 extra bottle of champagne and a free sushi platter!

Celebrate this labor day like nobody else!
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