A custom built yacht that has all the intentions of entertainment behind it. Floats at 120 feet long and is 3 decks high, can accommodate up to 400 passengers and seat 160 comfortably in the air conditioned dining salon. The second deck which is open aired, can be used for multiple things. It can seat up to 150 seated guests, a dance floor, entertainment, or any need that  fits your event. Topped with a full open third deck you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of South Florida. MUSE has a tikki themed top deck, however the theme can be changed to suit any theme you wish to have.


120 Ft in length

  • 28 Ft wide
  • Can accommodate up to 400 passengers
  • 3 decks, Open-air Covered, Open-air Viewing, A/C dining salon.
  • Sit down dinner service for up too 160 guests
  • Docked in Ft. Lauderdale but can be charted in Miami
  • Perfect for Themed parties, Live bands, DJ’s, Gourmet catering, Weddings, Corporate events, and  Bat/Bar Mitzvahs.

Overall Length: 120’ Custom Design, can be Tikki or Cabana Beach Themed.

Capacity: Maximum 400

Seating: 125

Location: Musette