Did you know over 100 million animals are killed every year? It’s because we carelessly discard over 14 BILLION pounds of garbage into our home, mother earth.

In less than 2 years 4Ocean has removed over 1,239,557 pounds of plastic debris from the ocean and coastlines. They are impacting countless animals. The restoration of our oceans and our environment. Is nothing short of phenomenal.

We can’t provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience we do without 4Ocean. Ecosystems are collapsing. Our children and our children’s children may never sense the magic and wonder the ocean has to offer us…IF we stand around and do NOTHING. A portion of every rental is donated to 4Ocean. That’s why we are immensely grateful that you help us with our commitment to environmental care. This month you are saving marine nurseries and the baby sea animals that call them home.

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