If you are looking to get away and enjoy the Atlantic ocean combined with a tropical adventure, Cartagena, Colombia is ready to set sail in our newest additions to our experiences.



Experience Cartagena on an epic adventure

Cartagena is one of the most gorgeous and colorful cities in the world and is packed with history, amazing sunsets, beaches and nearby islands. Enjoy the beauty of this country while touring around Rosario Islands, Barú, Cholón & Tierra Bomba all while having fun off and on the water and enjoying the best sights of Cartagena. Soak up the sun and experience these legendary sightseeing and colonial city views from the best seat in the house.


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55′ Azimut Amos

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83′ Sunseeker Flybridge

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96′ Ferreti Flybridge


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    Barú & Tierra Bomba

    If you are looking for a gem and secluded spots, only 50 minutes away from Cartagena, the Peninsula of Barú is the answer. Start the journey cruising through Cartagena Bay, followed by Tierra Bomba Island, until reaching the secretive and hidden Ciénaga de Los Vásquez in Barú for a splashdown in its crystal clear waters. Take advantage of your private boat to explore several areas of Barú island, and why not try your hand at watersports. Perfect plan for a sunny Caribbean day, whether with family or friends.


    Rosario Islands

    Who is ready for an hour of sailing with style into the ever-free Caribbean Sea until reaching Isla Grande, the largest island of the Rosario Islands. The paradisiacal archipelago comprises 28 islands, most of them private. Famously known for its crystalline waters, it is the ideal scenario for swimming in the sea and snorkeling amid the array of marine life. If this doesn’t catch your attention, you can still soak up the sun, indulge in delicious food and cocktails, and feel the warm tropical breeze in your face while hopping through the Rosario Islands.



    Let’s get the party started and embark on one of our luxurious boats, where the fun begins on route to the famously wild sand bar of Cholón. Fashionably known in Colombia and worldwide as a party destination. Cholón is the ideal setting for popping bottles, bust sexy dance moves and create memories with your friends.


    Tierra Bomba

    Only a short boat ride from Cartagena, Tierra Bomba is the closest island to the city, located south of Cartagena and north of Barú. Capture that perfect Instagram shot with the Castle of San Fernando de Bocachica or Cartagena’s Skyline as your background. Aboard your luxurious boat, discover local and secret spots like a true islander, and become one with nature.


    Cartagena Bay

    Enjoy two hours of a pleasant breeze, cold drinks, and a sparkling sunset sailing at Cartagena bay. Something is inspiring and thrilling at the sun sinking in the horizon, covering Cartagena’s Skyline in golden light, and painting the sky in many shades before welcoming the fun Colombian night that awaits you. Ideal for romantic escapades, friends, or corporate events.