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Frequently Ask Questions

How many passengers are allowed on board?

Per Federal US Coast Guard regulations, maximum 13 passengers allowed including the charterer. During COVID-19 passenger count may change

Are animals allowed on board?

We love animals and would feel terrible if they get seasick, so as a general rule no pets allowed. (some yachts are ok, please ask which ones)

Are yachts safe?

All vessels come with life jackets, emergency and first aid kits. If you have known allergies or medical requirements, please bring spare medication in the event of an emergency.

What is the pick up time?

You may choose any starting time if its a 6 or 8 hour charter. 4 hour charters starting time is either 10am or 3pm. Your day begins at the time stated in the signed Charter Agreement.

Can I bring my own alcohol and food?

You can bring your own alcohol and food without any problem

Can I play my own music?

All yachts include a sound system which you can connect your cell phone through Bluetooth and listen to you favorite music


Children are allowed on board and are counted as a passenger

Are tax and gratuity included?

7% tax and 18% gratuity will be automatically added to your total

Due Date

Payment is due 10 days before your charter date

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