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Ocean Day: Join Us in Making Waves of Change!

By June 6, 2024No Comments
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Ocean Day: Join Us in Making Waves of Change!

Celebrating your life and the ocean day, we are not just about providing unique yacht outings; we are about crafting experiences that celebrate life and protect our planet. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with 4Ocean, a pioneering force in marine conservation. This collaboration kicks off with the impactful “4 Pounds for Bracelet” initiative, directly tying our client celebrations to significant ocean cleanup efforts.

Groundbreaking Partnership with 4Ocean

We’ve joined forces with 4Ocean, a global movement dedicated to removing trash from our oceans and inspiring sustainable practices. Through our new initiative, for every eco-friendly plastic recycle bracelet given to our clients, 4Ocean commits to removing 4 pounds of plastic waste from the ocean. This program not only cleans our seas but furthermore connects our guests to a larger, meaningful cause.

Consistent Reliability: A Commitment to Seamless Experiences

Prime Experiences stands for dependability. Our collaboration with 4Ocean ensures that every event is not just a gathering but also a personalized journey that exceeds expectations. Integrating 4Ocean’s mission into our events allows us to provide a seamless and impactful experience, making every celebration a moment that leaves a lasting emotional imprint.


Communication and Convenience: Effortless Interactions and Meaningful Engagement

From booking to the final farewell, we ensure a smooth and enjoyable process. This partnership enhances our communication, embedding the ease and impact of global conservation efforts into our events. additionally, the distribution of bracelets is more than a gift—it’s a commitment to conservation, connecting each client to the health of our oceans.

Impactful Environmental Initiatives

With our “4 Pounds for Bracelet” initiative, we are making a tangible impact: $25,000 in bracelets made from recycled plastic have been used to fund environmental initiatives. We’ve removed over 2000 pounds of plastic from the ocean and gifted 2500 eco-friendly bracelets, celebrating our commitment to the planet with our valued clients. 

4Ocean’s Mission: Protecting Our Oceans for Future Generations

4Ocean is deeply committed to ocean conservation, tackling the pervasive issue of plastic pollution so this commitment supports not just the environment but also the communities that depend on healthy oceans. The company ensures fair wages and benefits for its crews and economic opportunities for artisans. Through these initiatives, Our experiences invites everyone to join in a vital cause. Each yacht celebration is now an opportunity to contribute to a global effort to cleanse our oceans. By choosing to celebrate with us, clients enjoy unparalleled luxury while making a positive impact on the world. Celebrate your life!