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Prime Luxury Rentals - The Vessel Yacht

The Vessel Yacht: Innovative Design

The Vessel Yacht, designed by Naval Architect Sebastian Phillips, heralds a new series of floating platforms. It uniquely merges elements from naval vessels, yachts, barges, ships, and islands into a novel maritime category.

Meticulous Construction

This innovative vessel is built from the deck down on a self-propelled inland construction barge. Each step of its construction process reflects a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Unmatched Standards

Under the close supervision of Phillips, The Vessel meets and exceeds Coast Guard standards across passenger and fire safety, structural integrity, stability, environmental responsibility, and operational excellence.



Venue Layout

With three grand decks, two full bars, two dance floors, and over 4,000 sqft of event space, The Vessel Yacht can accommodate state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment for all type of events.

The Vessel Miami brings all of the style, class, and comfort you could ever hope for any dreamed event in the water. A prime choice for celebrities and the ultimate corporate experience in Miami.

  • Capacity: up to 150 guests
  • Location: Downtown Miami
  • Overall length: 100’ ft

Unique Catering Design

Elevate your gatherings with our gourmet dining experiences. Choose from a variety of menu styles, including elegant multi-course meals and themed buffets, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Delight your guests with exceptional cuisine that makes every event uniquely memorable.


Enhance your event with our cutting-edge audiovisual services. From crystal-clear sound systems to high-definition displays and innovative lighting solutions, we provide all the necessary technology to make your event a visual and auditory masterpiece. Perfect for presentations, celebrations, and entertainment, our audiovisuals are tailored to meet the unique ambiance and needs of your event.