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5 tips to choose a luxury car rentals

By August 7, 2014March 2nd, 20234 Comments
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Travelling is really stressful. There are countless factors that you need to take into account before going on a road trip. For instance you need to plan the trip, you need to make sure that your car can make the trip or if you are travelling to another city/country you need to have a car to be able to travel around town with ease. If you are going for a rental there is the type of car, then the fuel, the car insurance and many more things. With some consideration, you can waive off all the worries and enjoy the trip. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to avoid these kinds of stress.


Assess your needs for luxury car

While many companies offer the same vehicles with different configurations, you need to get your requirements jotted down. Although the number of manufacturers has increased over the past years, the classifications of cars have increased by a huge amount. Those times have gone when people could choose between a SUV, compact or a sub-compact. Now there are at least a dozen categories with a plethora of sub categories. It is very good if you decide on a car beforehand, later on you can be at ease while shopping for your luxury car rental.

Conduct Research

The main problem is that, the car types aren’t consistent throughout the world. What might be considered a compact in the U.S. won’t be considered the same in Europe. European rent luxury cars are smaller than those of the U.S., so make sure that you know these standards before getting a rental. You might get one too big or too small for your party.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better

As the saying goes, bigger is always better. It’s not the case with car rentals. The luxury cars for rent vary in shape and sizes. If you don’t need a big car, getting one can land you in a heap of troubles. Their fuel consumption can be cumbersome. They are hard to handle and it is hard to find parking for them in narrow streets.

Check the transmission

It’s like U.S. against the world. Almost all of the luxury car rentals Miami feature automatic transmission, so if you want a manual transmission, you’ll have to explicitly mention it to the rental company. Similarly if you are an American, travelling to other parts of the world, you’ll have to mention it to the rental company that you want a car with automatic transmission (or however you prefer).

Be flexible

After you are done with everything, getting you dream luxury car still might be out of your reach. It all comes down to what the rental company has in their lot at that very moment. You might be able to get into the same class as your desired car, but you’ll have to be flexible. You can make reservations, call ahead many times to ascertain that your desired car is available.

Whenever you get ready to travel, make sure that you plan ahead and utilize these tips for Luxury Car Rentals to make trip most memorable.

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  • Kyle Wayne says:

    I like that you mention making sure the car works properly before renting. My brother is looking to hire luxury car services but needs tips. I’ll be sure to talk to him about hiring a service that rents well-working cars.

  • My fiance is thinking about getting a corporate car hire for an upcoming event. Any tips would be helpful for him since he needs to make the plans very soon. I will let him know to be flexible since it was mentioned that sometimes the car you want is not the vehicle you get.

  • I found this much useful information, as to what I was exactly searching for car rentals information. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

  • Thanks for the tip about researching an auto rental before you choose them. Finding someone who is qualified and experienced would make more sense to rent from. My husband and I are looking for a car rental, so we’ll have to research them first.