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The Private Jet that Flies Itself

By April 27, 2019March 2nd, 2023No Comments
Prime Yacht Rentals Miami - The Private Jet that Flies Itself

The Vision Jet SF50 from Cirrus Aircraft is a private jet which was created for virtually anyone who can confidently fly an aircraft.  The SF50 contains just one turbofan motor as opposed to the two or 3 which can usually be seen on most civil jets. It also offers ample electronic help for the pilot, and a whole-plane parachute just in case of disaster.

The SF50 has a one-hop range of about 1,000 nautical miles—a similar range to that of other planes of this caliber. However, this particular air craft has a cruise speed of 50 percent more than comparable planes. This makes the SF50 the perfect plane for pilots who are in need of a plane when they move up from piston-powered aircraft to a more comfortable, faster plane which can carry more passengers. This easy-to- handle and ultimately flyable plane will not intimidate those who are new to flying, nor is it anything to look down on by the ultra-luxurious private jets which are made for entire trips around the world.

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